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Tag: International Security

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Complex Issues on Cyberwarfare, by Elói Martins Senhoras, Fransllyn Sellynghton Silva do Nascimento e Yolanda Nunes Sousa

Cyber warfare has traditionally been referred to a multiplicity of cyber conflicts related not only to micro, isolated and decentralized actions or networks of cyber attacks, cybercrimes, and, cyber terrorism, but also and increasingly to centralized dynamics of state intervention in the cyberspace through cyber defense and cyber intelligence. Taking for reference the complex structures of the emergent new pattern […]

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The interdependence between development and security: a follow up & an incitement., by Mariana Alves da Cunha Kalil

In the 1990’s, International Relations Theory grew to comprise manifold objects and subjects that would beforehand be left aside as minor variables of researches (BUZAN, 1997). Nonetheless, the concepts that gained the spotlight sometimes led to traditional dynamics – suffice it to underscore the recent use of Responsibility to Protect (r2p) in the scope of a selective and not-so-democratic Security […]

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International Security and global governance: Strengthening the role of BRICS to facilitate conflict management, by Renata Thiebaut

The institutionalization of the BRICS has gained widespread coverage in the media within the last few years. Consequently, the five members have gained notoriety and have assumed a more vital role in the international arena. The BRICS countries have become more imperative players in the world’s security, adopting a noticed and active stance in both peacemaking and peacekeeping fields. They […]