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Tag: International Cooperation

Política Internacional

International Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation in the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic, by Júlia Mascarello

New events and scenarios involving Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) may introduce new cooperation or competition dynamics in international relations. In this sense, the coronavirus pandemic itself is considered a […]

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What is your research program? : Science & Techonology Cooperation and International Relations, By Fabricio Padilha

In accordance with the 2015 Annual Convention Call for Proposals of the International Studies Association (ISA) – submissions are open until June 1st – theories and traditional methods are not sufficient to understand complex contemporary international relations. Certain global and regional concerns, such as human rights violations, migration, terrorism, disease, and climate changes have a tendency to blur the universalist’s […]

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International Security and global governance: Strengthening the role of BRICS to facilitate conflict management, by Renata Thiebaut

The institutionalization of the BRICS has gained widespread coverage in the media within the last few years. Consequently, the five members have gained notoriety and have assumed a more vital role in the international arena. The BRICS countries have become more imperative players in the world’s security, adopting a noticed and active stance in both peacemaking and peacekeeping fields. They […]