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Doha’s Agricultural Stalemate: An Analysis of the Discourse(s) of Key Developing Countries – i.e. Brazil And India – in the Agriculture Negotiations in the Doha Development Round, by Rafael Moser

Drawing on constructivist’s methodology instruments, the paper analyses the discourse of key developing countries, i.e. Brazil and India, in the agriculture negotiations of the Doha Development Round (DDR) and seeks to assess the impact of agriculture to the deadlock of the talks. By doing so, it will seek to analyse the role of identities behind the complex interplay between oppositions and alliances that characterises such negotiations and the discourse endorsed by India and Brazil. The conclusion is that as negotiations proceeded developed countries attempted to fade away the original genesis as to the agriculture-development nexus bringing about the reorganisation of the ‘South’ into alliances and/or coalitions so as to allow them to have more impetus at the negotiating table and thus guaranteeing that their development needs were included in the outcome of the talks. Such a fact together with the relevance that agriculture gained in the talks has, ultimately, brought about the deadlock of the Round.