About Mundorama

Mundorama is an agile approach to the issues on the international agenda and the Brazilian foreign policy. The Journal publishes short articles on the issues of the global agenda. The initiative disseminates economic and situational analysis, technical notes, doctoral and master dissertations, call for papers, research reports, news about events and the collection in digital format of specialized scientific journals. The publication provides a non-exhaustive approach but careful and attentive to the development of the community specialized in International Relations in Brazil.

Mundorama is a publication established by the Center for Global Studies of the University of Brasilia. It was initially conceived as an activity of the integrated research project Strategic Partnerships in Brazil: the ongoing experience and the concept of construction (developed by researchers at the University of Brasilia and several other Brazilian and international institutions between 2007 and 2012), and supported by the National Council National for the Scientific and Technological Development – CNPq.

The contributions published in Mundorama do not express the opinions or views of its editors, the members of its Editorial Board, of the Center for Global Studies of the University of Brasilia, nor the University of Brasilia. The views expressed in articles, notes, or reviews are therefore solely those of the authors.

Editorial Team

Editorial Board:

  • Ana Flávia Platiau – – Universidade de Brasília – UnB
  • Antônio Carlos Lessa – Universidade de Brasília – UnB
  • Cristina Inoue – – Universidade de Brasília – UnB
  • Danielly Silva Ramos – Universidade de Brasília – UnB
  • Henrique Altemani de Oliveira – Universidade de Brasília – UnB
  • Vânia Carvalho Pinto – – Universidade de Brasília – UnB.

Secretariat: (admin@mundorama.net)