How to get published

In Mundorama are published original articles and reviews of books, as well as news about events and selective processes. See how to collaborate with articles and analysis of conjuncture, as well as news of events, calls for papers, books and journals issues launches.
Mundorama is focused on International Relations and related topics. Therefore, contributions strictly linked to our work agenda are considered exclusively.

Strictly follow the author guidelines

  • Revista Mundorama publishes short articles, book reviews, and notes about events and conferences, and calls for papers;
  • Articles and book reviews must be original (ie, they may not have been published in any other vehicle, printed or online);
  • Contributions in the form of articles and book reviews should contain approximately 1300 words;
  • Graphics and images should be inserted into the text in jpeg format. The author declares that he is authorized to use third-party images;
  • Contributions with multiple authorship (with more than one author) are not allowed;
  • Authors should hold a Master degree, minimum;
  • Contributions should be accompanied by a short abstract, of up to 35 words;
  • Contributions can be submitted in Portuguese, English or Spanish;
  • Submissions should be send to editoria @;
  • Contributions to the sections and articles book reviews must contain the author’s full name, title and institutional affiliation;
  • The books under review for the Reviews section must have been published no later than the previous year, and the complete data and the ISBN of the work analyzed should be informed;
  • Footnotes or end of the text should not be used. In case citation bibliography, use Chicago  system (author, date), referencing the literature cited at the end of the article in alphabetical order;
  • Articles with a maximum of two authors will be accepted, of which at least one must hold the title of Master;
  • In the article’s forwarding message, the occupation, institutional affiliation and link to the author’s Lattes Curriculum must be informed;
  • Author should declare that is the sole responsible for the content of submitted contribution, the opinions eventually contained in it and that its content has nothing that can be considered illegal or defamatory;
  • The Journal does not publish in its articles liability waivers or disclaimers of any sort;
  • By submitting a contribution (article or book review) to the attention of the Board od Editors of Revista Mundorama the author declares that he/she agrees with the publication of this submission in Open Access.

Note: The contributions published in the Revista Mundorama do not express the opinions or views of its editors, of the members of its Editorial Board, of the Center for Global Studies of the University of Brasilia or of the University of Brasília. The opinions expressed in articles, notes or reviews are therefore solely those of the authors.

Articles should be send to editoria @