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RBPI publishes first batch of articles for issue 1/2020

The Instituto Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais – IBRI announces the publication of the first batch of articles  for the issue 1/2020 (Volume 63 – Number 1) of the Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional – RBPI.

RBPI is published exclusively on line at our website in Scielo, following the continuous publishing model.  This issue will receive continuously new articles until late december. Bookmark the issue to check for new additions.

The following articles are now available on line:

  1. Lessa, Mônica Leite, & Fontes, Pablo Victor. (2020). Limits and paradox of TeleSUR: the media as a political agent of regional (dis)integrationRevista Brasileira de Política Internacional63(1), e002. Epub March 09, 2020.
  2. Cezar, Rodrigo Fagundes. (2020). Compliance in “exceptional” trade disputes: a set-theoretical approachRevista Brasileira de Política Internacional63(1), e003. Epub March 09, 2020.
  3. Caterina, Gianfranco. (2020). Gagarin in Brazil: reassessing the terms of the Cold War domestic political debate in 1961Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional63(1), e004. Epub March 09, 2020.
  4. Salomón, Mónica. (2020). Exploring Brazilian foreign policy towards women: dimensions, outcomes, actors and influencesRevista Brasileira de Política Internacional63(1), e001. Epub March 09, 2020.


Check the issue here.