Technology, politics, and development: domestic criticism of the 1975 Brazilian-West German nuclear agreement, by James Cameron;
A pericentric Punta del Este: Cuba’s failed attempt to join the Latin American Free Trade Area (LAFTA) and the limits of Brazil’s independent foreign policy, by Felipe Loureiro, Hamilton Gomes Jr & Rebeca Braga;
Globalizing the Latin American legal field: continental and regional approaches to the international legal order in Latin America, by Juan Pablo Scarfi;
The forbidden cooperation: South Africa–Brazil nuclear relations at the turn of the 1970s, by Carlo Patti
The impact of the 1949 Chinese Revolution on a Latin American Chinese community: shifting power relations in Havana’s Chinatown, by Albert Manke
The challenge from the periphery: Latin America’s New Deals and the shaping of Liberal Internationalism in FDR’s Era, by José Antonio Sanchez Roman,
“Pax Americana”: the United States and the transformation of the 20th century’s global order, by Patrick O. Cohrs
A hemispheric moral majority: Brazil and the transnational construction of the New Right, by Benjamin Arthur Cowan
Editorial – Thinking about complexity: the displacement of power along time and through space, by Alexandre Moreli
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