RBPI publishes special issue “Rethinking Power in Global and Transnational History”

The Instituto Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais – IBRI announces the publication of the special issue of the Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional – RBPI entitled “Rethinking Power in Global and Transnational History” (Vol. 61 – N. 2 – 2018).

This special issue is edited by Alexandre Moreli, Professor of International and Global History at the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

RBPI follows the continuous publication model. This issue will publish continuously new articles until late December. Bookmark the issue to check for new additions.

Technology, politics, and development: domestic criticism of the 1975 Brazilian-West German nuclear agreement, by James Cameron;
A pericentric Punta del Este: Cuba’s failed attempt to join the Latin American Free Trade Area (LAFTA) and the limits of Brazil’s independent foreign policy, by Felipe Loureiro, Hamilton Gomes Jr & Rebeca Braga;
Globalizing the Latin American legal field: continental and regional approaches to the international legal order in Latin America, by Juan Pablo Scarfi;
The forbidden cooperation: South Africa–Brazil nuclear relations at the turn of the 1970s, by Carlo Patti
The impact of the 1949 Chinese Revolution on a Latin American Chinese community: shifting power relations in Havana’s Chinatown, by Albert Manke
The challenge from the periphery: Latin America’s New Deals and the shaping of Liberal Internationalism in FDR’s Era, by José Antonio Sanchez Roman,
“Pax Americana”: the United States and the transformation of the 20th century’s global order, by Patrick O. Cohrs
A hemispheric moral majority: Brazil and the transnational construction of the New Right, by Benjamin Arthur Cowan
Editorial – Thinking about complexity: the displacement of power along time and through space, by Alexandre Moreli
Check the issue here.

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