TheShanghai Summer School (BRICS Program) 2014by Fudan University is an annual forum bringing together outstanding university students and young professionals from BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa) to work on topics related to Shanghai, China and BRICS. The Center for BRICS Studies of Fudan University, China will be in charge of the curriculum construction and its operation.

In 2014, the BRICS Program will take place from June 30 to July 30 in Shanghai, China. University students and young professionals from BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa) are invited to apply for the program. 

Deadline for application is April 30th, 2014.

The Shanghai Summer School (BRICS Program) 2014″ will carry out with various courses, interactive communication and dialogues in English. To promote the sustainable development of the program, Fudan University will continue to strengthen the infrastructure of the program and assign excellent personnel to work on the admission, teaching, management and other relevant perspectives.

If you are ready to join an exceptional group of talented young individuals from BRICS countries, we look forward to receiving your application for the participation in the Shanghai Summer School (BRICS Program) 2014″.

The theme of the BRICS program 2014 is Communication and Integration.

The program aims to provide the students from BRICS countries with a chance to have a better understanding of BRICS, China, and Shanghai. The program will help the students to deepen their understanding of Chinas stance in BRICS foreign policy and major international issues as well as the changes and development under China‘s new leadership. In addition, the students will be involved in the construction of the international metropolis of Shanghai, and have a unique opportunity to find the amazing history, diverse culture and marvelous folklore of the Shanghai city as well as China.

The program provides the participants with 26 courses, which are divided into three modules:Global Governance& Chinas diplomatic policy to BRICS countries,” “New development of Chinas politics and economy andFusion in Shanghai.In addition, the program will arrange certain sight-seeing trips and some social events in Shanghai and nearby.

The duration of the program is from June 30, to July 30, 2014.

The program will mainly take place on the Handan Campus of Fudan University, Shanghai.

For participation in the Shanghai Summer School would not pay registration fee or tuition fee. The Program will provide the accepted participants with accommodation on the campus, meals (cafeteria on the campus), internet access, insurance during the stay in China, and at least one sight-seeing tour and some social events.

The accepted participants should cover the international trip, airport transfer, and visa application.

Students and researchers from universities of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa) are eligible candidates for the program.

The BRICS Program is in English. The candidates should have command of the English language to understand the courses and communicate with his/her peers.

For application, the candidates should provide his/her curriculum vitae and at least one letter of recommendation by a professor. In addition, the candidates should provide a brief essay in terms of China, BRICS, or international politics. The essay is around 1,500 words.

The application deadline for the program is 17:00 (Beijing Time), April 30th 2014. All application documents must be provided in English, and please send them to the following Email:

The Shanghai Summer School (BRICS Program) 2014 will organize a reviewing committee and inform the candidates of the final decision from May 5th, 2014.

20 Participants will be admitted to the program.

The official website of the Center for BRICS Studies of Fudan University, China: