The currently energetic scenario is passing for grate changes. The Sino-American climate agreement has considerable implications which, in the long and medium term, have relevant cooperation perspectives between United States, China and Brazil, a great triangular concerted action toward the ethanol commoditization process for global energetic diversification.

2014 is a unique year for the People’s Republic of China. In June, the world remembered the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square, and, some months later, the protests called “The Umbrella Revolution” took place at Hong Kong. Disliking 1989, the central government has not sent military forces to contain the protests as they did in the Tiananmen Square. Why does not Beijing “solve” the Hong Kong’s situation as it did during the Tiananmen Square episode?

Lançado em 2013, “Goodbye, Brazil. Emigrantes brasileiros no mundo”, revela as distinções e variáveis na migração brasileira. A obra contempla um dos assuntos mais importantes nos estudos migratórios atuais: o retorno de milhares de brasileiros devido à crise financeira mundial